When It Comes To Justice, Experience Makes A Difference

At the Law Office of Ronald M. Stone, I have been providing knowledgeable legal counsel in the areas of criminal defense, family law and business litigation for three decades. I believe the experience I bring to your side when you are facing difficult legal issues can make the difference between winning and losing. I am familiar with the courts in Massachusetts, and I use this knowledge to help people like you.

I, attorney Ronald M. Stone, have been a trial lawyer since qualifying from the Northeastern University School of Law in 1990. Admitted to the Massachusetts Bar Association a year later, I have tried hundreds of cases in the state trial courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, securing countless favorable outcomes on behalf of his clients. I believe strongly that obtaining a positive result requires synergy between client and lawyer, and I have built my reputation on always going the extra mile. My commitment to such partnerships often stretches to working evening hours and weekends to accommodate the busy lives of the citizens I represent.

I Understand The Law

When an attorney knows the law, he or she can efficiently maneuver through the system in order to meet the goals of the person they are representing. In cases of criminal defense, that means understanding the way our courts work in Massachusetts, their previous rulings and the law enforcement agencies acting against you. When it comes to divorce and family law, a more subtle approach is preferable to ensure your rights are upheld and your life can continue.

My legal knowledge in these areas is well-honed. I am specifically devoted to criminal defense and family law. I have gained in-depth familiarity across many types of legal issues and have developed a thorough awareness of what affects the lives of real people in the counties of Middlesex, Worcester and Norfolk.

A Calculated Approach, Tailored To Our State’s Justice System

Frequently, lawyers talk about being aggressive. The fact of the matter is that a combative approach may not always be beneficial. The courts do not always want to see aggression when dealing with cases involving OUIs, drug possession, divorce, family law or white collar crimes. Three decades of experience have taught me that the Massachusetts justice system often prefers a less contentious, more reasonable strategy.

Naturally, as your legal counsel, I am never a pushover and will always fight on your behalf. Where possible, I seek mediated solutions. I am a persuasive and skilled negotiator, but when the opposing side wants to do battle, the Law Office of Ronald M. Stone is ready to do just that.

Expect me to stand up for you and protect you in the manner appropriately expected by a court. Not surprisingly, this carefully crafted approach has resulted in an impressive record of success for my law firm and the clients I represent. To get started working together, contact my Ashland office by calling 508-881-7305 or by sending us an email.